My First Experience at the OPA Toronto Pro Super Show

14 weeks of strict dieting, endless amounts of cardio, low carb days, high carb days and then
here we are—show day. The anticipation of show day really begins to resonate about
2 weeks before; where diet and training becomes extremely crucial to execute. It’s a stressful
time, but it’s also a mix of excitement and anticipation for this day to finally arrive. At first
it feels like the day would never come, but once I got into the groove of dieting and training it
really gave me the motivation to focus on each day and really enjoy the process.
As a Natural Competitor, Men’s Physique competing in an “open” show, I was already at
a disadvantage, but with the support of my brother and coach, Eiren, I was able to come in
with the package I was extremely proud of. What was the secret? There was no secret, but it
did take a TON of willpower, patience and commitment to plan.
For anyone who wants to compete at a show there are a few things I would suggest:
1. Expect delays
• Pre-judging started at 3pm  (I was supposed to be on stage at 5pm, but was on at 7pm).
2. Stick to your meals
• Just because its show day doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want before the
show. Although executing a fuller physique requires a surplus of sugar and salt—there’s
also the worry of “spilling over,” which simply means looking flat or bloated due to
excess calories.
3. Pumping up before stepping on stage
• Try not to pump up “too early.” I was fortunate enough to have my coach backstage
and with me along the way, but I noticed countless competitors pumping up way too
soon only to find themselves flat once they stepped on stage.
The most difficult part before going on stage was the waiting game—the number of categories
was huge to say the least. With that being said, I let the anticipation get the better of me,
which resulted in very shaky posing and a 4th place finish, which still qualifies me for Nationals.
Although this was a huge accomplishment for a natural athlete competing in an open event
I knew deep down I didn’t practice my posing as much as I should have.
What do I need to work on?
• Build a wider back and shoulders
• Overcome my nerves on stage (posing practice should help this)
Will I do the Nationals this year?
Eiren and I both decided to focus on going to Nationals 2018, so I can focus on the above list.
I should also note that these shows are NOT cheap as the tan, hotel accommodations, meals,
parking, etc., can put a serious dent in your wallet.

Take Home Message:
Although the prep was difficult, I enjoyed the process especially when you stick to the plan
precisely; it truly pays dividends on show day.

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