Killer Techniques to Improve Lagging Muscle Groups

Have you ever asked yourself, “How often should I train a specific body or what training techniques should I use?” The first step you need to take is to review your workout program and log adequate rest periods before your workout regimen can be completed. Now you’re ready to address the lagging body parts you want to focus on.

The best way to address a lagging body part is to train it with additional supplementary work during the week. For example, after 4 days of rest from primary training on a specific lagging muscle group, you can train the muscle with a workout that is higher in reps (at least 12 reps; up to 20) and utilize a slower tempo (where you are squeezing a lot trying to focus on the mind-to-muscle connection). Ideally, you don’t want a supplementary workout to affect your CNS recovery; the goal is to stimulate, not annihilate your muscle fibres.

The most important part when concentrating on a lagging body part is to ensure your mind-to-muscle connection is in full force. Simply going through the motions in a workout will be ineffective; slow the negative part of rep and feel the fibres contract while trying to force as much blood as possible to the desired muscle!

Lower Body Mass Building Workout

Warm Up:

  • 12-minutes; moderate intensity bike ride to the get blood moving and
    put yourself in a positive mindset.
  • 2-3 minutes of light stretching; mainly to hip flexors
  • 4 warm-up sets of barbell squats (use slow negatives; aim for 10-20 reps each warm-up set)

Working Sets:

  • Barbell Squats: 6 x 6-10
  • Increase weight for each set
  • Tempo: 3-second negative; 1-second pause at bottom; explosive up (Place 10lb plates under heels; feet placed together; narrow stance).
  • Hack Squats: 5 x 8-20
  • Increase weight each set; start at 20 reps; end very heavy (6 plates a side at least) for 8 reps
  • Leg Press: 4 x 10-12
  • Foot stance: high and wide
  • 5-second negative; 1-second pause at bottom; explosive lift
  • Leg Extension: 3 x 10 to failure
  • 3-second negative; 1-second squeeze at top
  • 10 reps; partials to failure, each set
  • Point toes straight throughout each rep
  • Straight Leg Barbell Deads: 4 x 6-12
  • 2 warm-up sets  (Perform with either 25lb or less plates under the front of both feet or perform standing on slightly elevated box)
  • 2-second negative; slight pause at bottom of each rep
  • Laying Leg Curls: 6 x 6-12
  • 5-second negative
  • After 6-12 reps, perform partials to failure

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