Three Muscle-Building Tips for All Athletes

It’s All About the Reps!

  • Varying rep ranges is a huge part of how to build muscle
  • Stick to lower rep ranges (6-8) on the power compound exercises and higher rep ranges (12-15) on isolation movements. Now you can have best of both worlds!
  • Mind-to-muscle is also important during a rep for building muscle
  • Focus on the negative of each rep and squeeze muscles hard to achieve maximum time under tension
  • Focus on every rep and feel the weight, instead of trying to lift heavy to feed your ego

Want big muscles? Eat big or go home!

  • Make sure your macros (proteins, carbs, fats) are high enough to be at a surplus.
  • Determining a proper macro-nutrient breakdown depends on many factors; here are a few you need to consider: body type, lean body composition, & current metabolic threshold
  • Moderation is key! Don’t eat so much that you risk putting on body fat.
  • Eat complete meals throughout the day to help repair and build the muscles you breakdown during intense training

Supplements are key to a balanced regimen

  • If you’re consistently training hard and eating right, supplements can play a vital role gaining muscle
  • Supplements can help you realize a faster recovery, repair and muscle gain
  • Recovery is key when gaining muscle mass; your body demands more micro-nutrients, amino acids, and other specific supplements
First Place, Super Heavy Weight Division; Best Overall Physique and
Best Physique Award, 2016 OPA ALLMAX Sudbury Classic Championship

Favourite Chest Workout

BARBELL FLAT BENCH PRESS: 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 6-8-10-failure
Start the workout light with 135 lb and continue to add weight—working up to 405lb. Work up to 6 reps at the maximum weight and end the last rep with a triple dropset to failure, stripping a plate each set.

FLAT DB FLYS: 15, 12, 10, 8 & 8
Second movement is a fly movement to help stretch the chest after so many sets of presses. Make sure to execute each rep perfectly and use the maximum range of motion with a squeeze at the top of each rep.

INCLINE DB PRESS: 12, 12, 12-12-12-12
The last set is a triple dropset, decreasing the weight by 10 lbs each dropset. Make sure to perform each rep explosively, go as wide as possible while focusing on the outside of the chest. Also use less triceps and focus more on pressing with the pectoral muscles.

Weighted dips: 3 sets to failure
Take dips to complete failure after the machine flys.
(If you can’t perform another proper rep, do partials until you can’t move another inch).

DB PULLOVER: 12, 10, 8 & 6
Work up to the heaviest set of db’s with this exercise and focus on the maximum range of motion.

PUSH-UPS: 100 reps as many sets as it takes
End the workout doing 100 push-ups—taking breaks as needed.

NOTE: When training on the chest, focus on the mind-to-muscle connection and not let your front delts and triceps become dominant in the movement. Use a wide grip with every press movement; lower the bar all the way down to your chest before pausing for 1-second at the bottom and finishing just shy of lockout at the top. Never go all the way up and lockout your elbows. Also, keep a constant tension on the chest muscles throughout each set

First Place, Super Heavy Weight Division; Best Overall Physique and
Best Physique Award, 2016 OPA ALLMAX Sudbury Classic Championship

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